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NPR’s On Point

My articles for yielded invitations to appear on the NPR nationally distributed call-in show, On Point.

6/25/2014: The Future of Soccer in the United States

5/27/2015: Swiss FIFA Arrests Shake Up Global Soccer


Maize & Bruised 

This is a sports and true crime podcast I created and pitched. I wrote, produced, and recorded the teaser.

Maize & Bruised Teaser 


Muncie Stories 

As part of the NFL’s first-ever Voice Assistant — Muncie — I wrote scripts for 20 stories about NFL legends and lore. To celebrate the diversity of the NFL, we had staff read them: everyone from the VP of Digital Content to the cafeteria sandwich chef.  We scripted the stories to have Munice, the Voice Assistant personality, banter with the reader. Here’s a sampling:

The Napkin Resignation

The First First Pick

Wrong Way Jim Marshall

The Real Replacements

The First Super Bowl Touchdown

The Comeback

The Legend of Night Train Lane

Doug Flutie’s Last Play

The Kicker


The Game Plan 

For the 2019 playoffs, the NFL launched its first-ever Alexa skill. I created all the content for skill, including The Game Plan, a 4-minute podcast released every Monday. The scripts were recorded by Osi Omenyoura, who won a Super Bowl winner with the New York Giants and is now an analyst for the BBC.

The Game Plan: Super Bowl Week 2

The Game Plan: Super Bowl Week 1

The Game Plan: Conference Championships

The Game Plan: Divisional Round

The Game Plan: Wild Card Round